1.07 Notifications for incoming planes

I would love to have incoming owned planes as one notification, and incoming social contact planes as another. This way I can disable notifications for my owned (being overwhelmed), but still see the ones I need to handle with some speed.

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We may alter that i think it is a good idea.


I think the ability to seperate notifications for the planes now are more important than ever with the 24 hours limit for social handling. Please do so that I can remove notifications for my own airplanes, but at the same time still receive a notification when I need to handle something.


I understand we get push notifications for incoming planes on the mobile devices but these aren’t always notified when playing the game.

Would it be possible to have a pop up, similar to the things and connections update that come up on screen. This would be especially helpful if playing on one airport eg IAD and had another players plane arriving at another airport eg PRG/BRI?