1.5.2 Arrival Queue Question

Hi Everyone,

I am a “random precisionalist” (meaning, the random order is interesting, but the sort order is confusing). Has anyone figured it out? This is my IAD arrivals grid along with the actual order of arrivals (red numbers on the left).

Possibly, they could insert the “Other Airlines” into the matrix so we know what to expect (as it happens in the real world).

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It’s full random. I have a lot of planes that come from same destination at same time, like L and M planes.
And it’s take like 3 M plane from long destination, than 1-2 L from short destination, few short destination M planes, than few M long destination planes, few M from short destination, and then 1-2 L from longest. So there is no any logic, only full random. And this with full deactivating generic planes. If turn on generic arrival it’s will mix few player planes, than few generic planes, if you have connection, than you can get 1-2 connection from 4 planes, and can take like half of hour and more to get last two. On Phat Live stream it’s take him to get his new Concord like one and half hour.
So if actively play with connection it can be very difficult to service all connection partner plane.

I’m not sure if anyone else noticed but the time of arrivals makes it confusing now. Previously it used to say ETA “NOW” but now it says times. I can’t tell if it had already arrived or is still going to arrive :confused:

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I think there is a sort of arrival order, when you have a lot of connections planes and own planes in the arrivals list:

at first arrive 3 connection planes
then 3 own planes
then 1 generic plane
now the next 3 connection planes
then the next 3 own planes
1 generic plane
3 connection planes
and so on

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Yup I have noticed the exact same pattern!

Not having connections, but having a few of my own aircraft, I find that I first get my largest aircraft, then it waits for another 5-10 aircraft before I get the rest straight after each other. I do kind of like the random arrivals (because I have no connections and l, instead of getting all s tier, all m tier etc, get a random tier each time) but I can see others annoyance with it