16 Large Planes ✈️

I’ve 16 Large planes including 2 Cargo planes at LHR.
Drop your id for connections!

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I’ll take to IAD or MCT

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i will take it to IAD
cargos and pax
i have lot of slots in IAD
double digits connections ?? :grin:
IGN: vsbmotors18

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You can send some at my IAD

Username: Player6441009686

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B744 is waiting for your response…

Hi I need planes at LHR L or X

Soulless gamer6

send to my ngo and lhr but not x

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L planes at IAD

If you have some remaining send it to me at IAD
Username: Player 6441009686

@Helpfulwyvern345 thanks for your planes! so now I have an active contract with your planes for 10 round trips? Thank you :star_struck: I just managed one a little while ago :+1:


Accept the contracts…

If you have some left send it over to my IAD

Thanks for the contracts

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If you have some left send it over to my IAD

Can you send the back side of contracts
I want to see the rewards


No @Shadownik87


@Helpfulwyvern345 of course!!:+1:

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