777 Liveries

After having a look around the feedback portal, I’ve noticed a few 777-200 liveries have been added to the candidates tab (Asiana & Austrian). The 777F is based of the 777-200LR, so I’m wondering if the 777-200 is planned with the 777F?

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No I doubt they are adding variants yet.

Air Canada only has MAX 8’s, not NG’s and ANA, KLM, and Qantas only operated the 744, not the 748


I get what you mean, but it could well change. I guess we will find out, but with the 777F been the 777-200, it seems odd that the 772 liveries are popping up, when our current 777 is the 77W (777-300ER)

And i also told them on discord if they can pls make the 777F shorter

Has an image of it been released yet? I know the 757s model has been unveiled but not the 777F

They havent started to make it yet

Ah I see, hopefully we get to see it soon!