A bit of a humour between A and B

My maiden flight with my new B747 didn’t really go as planned. I send it away, but also taxed out another plane a few moments later. I guess this really was “You might be the Queen, but I’m the King. You can lick my butt”… :grin:

I apologize to any die hard Boeing fans out there. It became a fun moment when I originally intended to screenshot the departure. It gave me a good laugh tough :innocent:


Holy war A vs B strikes back :smiley:

This really should not happen so late in the development stage of the game. This is basic stuff.

Thats cosmetic we could not care less for something that is a) seldom b) have absolutely no influence on game as such (not a showstopper).

Btw its early stage for game not very late especialy there is new content and gameplay mechanics added constantly so some errors will come back (that is the nature of modifying apps).


Ha. Made me laugh.

I know its not a serious issue and I do appreciate how hard the team is working on the new features. However in an airport management game the bare minimum quality is that the planes should not touch each other.

Its quite funny though! Am sure all these weird kinks will get fixed soon.

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With number of calculation anticollision system is doing every second apparently it happens from time to time.

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I’m thinking that if I complain enough you will give me a Concorde to keep me quiet! :smiley:

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Nice idea but it won’t work… Or will it?!

@ronb102 I can send over a Concord for you :partying_face: , or that’s not how you meant it :wink:

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Believe me you are just one click away from being silent at any time :slight_smile:


Oh. That one was good.

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Yes but so far forum ban only once (personal insults and being an idiot as reasons). So complaining about game politely doesn’t count :stuck_out_tongue:


The A380 cant be the King, it will get hanged for Treason!

True, being half French, it could be the Emperor instead :grin:

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Im learning French currently. Moi ami.