A nice update

Bonjour! I have a question if the Creator of the game can make a update that the planes to they’re gears up after the take off. And on thing that would be nice too if the planes sound like in real life I hope the creator will read it. Pls make a update like that:,)

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Will be done after all aircraft models are updated


As the companion says, it will be done after the creators update all the planes.

Gear issues cannot be done until all aircraft are updated to the V3 model, which is in progress, but still many to go until that point. It’s a popular request, but devs have said categorically that it won’t be done until then, we still have DHC8, CRJ, 737, 757, 777, 330, 340, 748, Concorde, E190 and others to do… so you are looking at the best part of 9 months plus to even get to the starting point.
As for the real sounds, that is being built as they go along, so you will hear some of the real sounds on certain aircraft.

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Uh wtf? Info that’s been shared for more than a year is just that they can’t have any V1, and once everything is V2 or higher it will be added?

It has always been V3 models, which was the first mentioned around the time 2.0 was released/ready to release. I might be wrong here, but V2 models don’t have the gear doors as separate parts which can be animated, whereas V3 models do (hence the patches on the belly of the B77W and I think the B744 as well).

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You are not wrong, all models must be V3, hence why they are all being redone first to make sure they are all on the same level.

@Thatflyerguy really want me to ask Kuba? As I will…

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Yes please, the discord opinion, fed by dev chats is that only v1 has to be ypdated

So please ask. Thanks!

I did and it’s confirmed. All models need to be V3 before retractable gear and things can be done


Oh that’s wild… that means close to two years away from landing gear retraction…

That’s a brutal to do list

Especially given that they will do new planes along with these, like how the 757 and 767 will come together or the NX was added this ypdate

Although in the YouTube broadcast they said that the 757 would be updated and at the same time the 767 would be launched together with it, in my opinion they said it because of the type of engine that the two planes They have it, free of charge, there is also the 300 version of the 757. I would be inclined to think that they will update the 757-200 and add the 757-300, the 767 will be later in my opinion.