A suggestion... please!

Hi developers! :smiley:

Love the new update and thanks for the inclusion of IAD, but where is the tracking gone for each invividual aircraft? :frowning: I found it quite handy just pushing on the button at the bottom of my screen for each plane and it would take me straight to it. Now I find myself having to scroll around my airport looking for the damn thing!

Also, I loved watching the planes track and take off, but now I can’t do that either… :frowning: I know it’s probably something minor, but I enjoyed it and just thought I’d put in a suggestion to bring it back?


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Just hit the camera button and its back to “previous” camera version. It was introduced because players wanted it - old one is still there.

Planes take off is disabled because it was decreasing performance. We will introduce "departure camera/arrival camera’s in the future to enjoy that climb or descending procedure.


You legend! It works! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Eva :slight_smile:

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