About restart an airport

I want to restart my IAD but I have some doubts, If anyone can answer I appreciate.

  1. Am I going to lose my planes?
  2. Will I lose the destinations I have unlocked?
  3. I lose my money?

Hi Abulo,

  1. No, you don’t lose your planes
  2. You don’t lose your unlocked destinations (Corrected)
  3. Yes, you start out at the beginning money level.

This is from when I restarted IAD as well, but that’s been a couple of months and a couple of earlier versions.

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You don’t lose your destinations

I’ve reset IAD, NGO and PRG :slight_smile:


U won’t lose unlocked destinations

Too bad, I wanted to reset all destinations, it was a mess.
I will try to contact a developer to help me, thanks for your answers.