Account issue

Hello @jdrobajs, @kubasan,
Hoping you can help me figure out what’s going on with my account.

I got the attached message when starting the game. I’ve only had it for two or three days now.

I have since checked the store and updated the game, if this was the issue I think a update message would suffice instead of a ban …

Thank you for your time and effort

Hello @I3attle360, That isn’t a Ban Message. @Shill can you forward this to the devs who can unlock it? Thanks!

Also, Hope this helps please tell anyone if it doesn’t work.
P.S welcome to the forum!

Hi, I am not sure whether this is the place to mention this but I can’t find any contact us details anywhere, I tried to contact with the email from Instagram but got no reply, probably I shouldn’t ask there. Sorry if this is the wrong place to message this.

I am quite an old player, I usually play on my Samsung phone, currently got an iPad and would love to play on that, but unfortunately, there is no way I can sync my account across platforms. Can you help me link my android account progress to my GameCenter, that would really do a lot of help for me? Currently lost progress for many other games because my accounts are everywhere don’t want to lose for this game too. Thank you, I hope you can help :slight_smile:

I personally dont know how to help but @shill might. Hes with the dev tean

That is not possible (checked with devs alredy some time ago as this question comes back).

Aw that’s a bummer, but it’s okay, I guess I will start a new account there, can use the new account to experiment or something, thank you for replying quickly @Ivan0921 @shill. I wish in the future they will be able to add an account system like how supercell did after so many years with introduction of supercell ID, but that might be too expensive for the game creators

I wish there was a Facebook link or like some forum login method.

omg yeah forgot there is facebook they should add that it is cheaper for them then the method i mentioned

really wanted to play on my ipad 12.9" it looks so good on it

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