Adding an "Unnecessary" option to the WoA Community Feedback page

Good day,

I’ve been doing a lot of reading (both on the forum and on the main website) for a few days and I’ve noticed that the Community Feedback page doesn’t have an option to mark ideas as unnecessary, or at least unimportant. I think that adding an option of that sort would be a small, yet significant addition as it can give the developers a better understanding as to what the masses prefer. (See example below)

This isn’t an implementation that needs to be worked on right this minute, but I do feel like it’s something that should be taken into consideration for the near future.

Btw: This marks my very first WoA forum post and I’m proud of it, thank you for reading! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


So basically a downvote option yes? I think that’s a nice idea as well


To dig down to important supported by majority features that may help I do agree.


Correct! One of those would be great too.

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Would be great!

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Seems like very good idea. But we are using Productboard as a system for feedback collection and there is no option for such kind of “unnecessary” vote. But we are following all channels (forum, facebook groups…) and if we see that some proposed features are not so “hot” for our community we keep them “cold” :slight_smile:


I completely get that and I applaud everyone that is a part of the WoA team, whether directly or indirectly. I must say however that the way I see it, that must be quite the task having to monitor so many platforms for feedback on ideas/suggestions, as much needed as they are. I’m not sure how effective that may be as the game’s user base grows since not everyone uses social media platforms such as Facebook and Discord. There’s also those people who prefer to just voice their opinions by the click of a button, rather than giving an explanation in the forums as to how they feel towards a certain idea/suggestion.

This is where your website comes in, because everyone may not want to use social media, but they’ll definitely be less reluctant to utilize your website. That being said, with that option implemented, it would provide another effective avenue to receive feedback. At you would have to do is let people know that it’s there.

if we see that some proposed features are not so “hot” for our community we keep them “cold” :slight_smile:

That line you mentioned above actually gave me another idea where you don’t discard the ideas you decided to keep cold, but instead have a tab called “Bin” or something like that for ideas that could potentially be recycled later, just a thought.

I’ll respect the decision that you ultimately make either way. :100:

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