After new version installation I lost all levels

I can’t belive I lost over a year gaining levels. It is starting from scratch on all airports.Please help. My user is Unchallengedrush16. I have reached level 21 of Nagoya and after installing the new version it all went to hell. I was on max level everywhere except Nagoya, but I was aiming for San Diego soon…:frowning: Now what?..
Also my airplanes are going out of borders. See screenshot.

All levels got reset because season-4 has started.

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The levels have nothing to do with reaching the next airport. They give you money, special arrivals and / or GP. Just tap on this
to see what achievements you get.
Reaching the next airport is just depending on the amount of passangers.

Thanks. I did not know they get reset. Yes, I see I kept my earnings.