After update almost every second plane for maintenance

This is not noemal that after update I have almost whole fleet needed for maintenance. How come? Why?

Lot of planes were far away from maintenance and able for another flights and now that?

Impossible now to spend millions for repairs. Crazy.

This is not fair.

Same problem for my fleet too. At Prague, My 80 of 110 B738 planes need maintenance and my airplane is full of B738. But my other planes not affected. I think any new update doesn’t solve maintenance problem.

Please increase maintenance slots for NGO, or add new destinations for maintenance


Same problem here. Half of all my planes suddenly need maintenance. Really strange. What is happening. I can understand that it was a little bit too easy to make money but this update is crazy. This will not attract new players at all.

They reduced the mileage between maintenance, it caught everyone