Aircraft Engine/Winglet Options

Using the 737-8 as an example, many airlines such as TUI, Ryanair, Transavia, SkyUp have started to or have implemented ‘Split Scimitars’ onto their aircraft, decreasing fuel burn.

But then the defualt 737-8 in game has regular winglets, so my idea is to add an almost upgrade system to reduce fuel burn, For example:
Base 738 (No winglets or scimitars) = 96,000₩ (Most fuel burn)

W/Winglets = Base 738 + 20,000₩ (less fuel burn)

W/Scimitars = Base 738 + 40,000₩ (least fuel burn)

This could also be done the same with engine types (thank you @ukplanespotter757 ) especially with the A330 seriers, where a more fuel efficient engine costs more ₩. But lets go one idea at a time for now.

Thank you so much again @ukplanespotter757 for the feedback, what do you guys say? :slight_smile:


That’s cool, I have no idea why no one else liked this but like I said I think it’s cool.

I don’t have money to buy even the base 737 :skull:
But I’ll get more over time I’m sure

The prices for them were examples but if implemented correctly, they should make up the money for themselves soon and grow a profit

Adding on, the 737 was just an example! This feature could be implemented to so many aircraft:
767 (when added)
A321 (when added)

These are just a few, it would add so much realism and a variation if different aircraft

This is a cool idea, I think they can consider develp a aircraft configration 2.0 to include more config or mod option, and reflect the result on maintenance cost/ pax demand/ handling time and other things on aircraft operation.

This is a great idea. Especially if this becomes a precursor to a design your own plane type game mode where we can mix and match different plane parts and get custom planes.

With the A320 remodeling due to be expected by the next airport, it would be a good time to experiment with Engine and winglet choices. 4 possible combinations of engines and winglets are possible.

The CFM56 is most commonly found on the A318/19/20 aircraft due to its fuel efficiency at idle power, so more fuel efficiency on the ground, but it does have a higher maintenance cost. When the IAE V2500 is maily found on the A321, with higher maintenance costs but more efficiency .

So the combinations:

Base A320 when brought:
A320 + IAE V2500 (Base engine) + normal winglets
Cost : ₩96,000
Example Aircraft:

Base A320 w/IAE V2500 + sharklets
Cost : ₩96,000 + ₩20,000 = ₩116,000
Example Aircraft:

Base A320 w/CFM56 + Normal winglets
Cost : ₩96,000 + ₩30,000 = ₩126,000
Example Aircraft:

Base A320 w/CFM56 + Sharklets
Cost : ₩96,000 + ₩30,000 + ₩20,000 = ₩146,000
Example Aircraft:

So this could be a feature that adds a whole new level of strategy and realism, because you can decide once you have enough ₩ to but the standard A320 or save up and get a more fuel efficient varient for more ₩. And AI aircraft could also follow, using what they have in real life and in some cases (e.g. freebird, easyjet) have a mixed fleet of engines and winglets.

As said in a previous post, this feature could go for a lot of aircraft in game, including the 737, 757, A319, A330, A380.

Thanks for reading if you read it all, I don’t blame you if you didn’t, it’s quite a mess of ideas lol :slight_smile: