Aircraft idea

If it isn’t in the game already, maybe a tristar, as I have a model of one for Swiss Air and would be nice to see

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The L1011 will probably get added at some point, alongside most other notable aircraft. Swiss didn’t actually have any L1011s, but they did operate DC-10s and MD-11s. A few weeks ago the developers did give a slight hint at the MD-11 being added at some point in 2022, presumably with its heavy use as a freighter for LEJ.

If I’m not mistaken, the L1011 was due to be added in 2020. It seemed the L1011 was shelved. It got as far as being on the in development section on the feedback portal.

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Yeah I was disappointed it got shelved. My favourite ever liveries were Court, Delta widget & Gulf Air on this tri jet classic & my L fleet would have totally consisted of this beautiful aircraft. Shame it never happened :cry:.

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How do I have this then (yes it is broken a bit from wear)

Bought this with a few other ones (b747 virgin and b747 American)

It’s a well worn DC10 :grinning:


Rip :pray:

(I really didn’t know that it was called that)

That is in fact an MD-11. The developers recently had an Instagram post hinting at the MD-11 getting added.


I would like to see some turboprop airliners.

We need to have the Boeing 737-700 M For the next update I don’t know if you like the idea

Have other variants of the Boeing 737

Why does everyone say “next update”, guys they have other things planned for next update they aren’t just gonna throw your ideas in as soon as they see it

I think they might be having a break, theres nothing planned for next update so maybe it could come. But I don’t think it will come next update.

I have a feeling the devs are going to do a remodel of the 747, 787, 777, and add variants of those, as well as add some 737 variants at the same time, potentially with an airport in Seattle?

Most likely a airport in the southen hemisphere

Yeah, I could see that like Brazil, and with that update, we get Embraer aircraft like the E145, E135, and another one or two, but since Boeing at one point held an ownership of Embraer, those aircraft could come in the same update.

I dont thi k it would all come in the same update. Maybe though as how big some past one were

In my opinion, They now working more on contracts, cause they significantly change part of core gameplay.

To me it is important for the 747 redo, especially have the 747-100, because I have a family connection who designed the cockpit electronics on the 747-100.

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That’s sounds cool, I dont think the 741 will ever come though… im only thinking there qull be the 744, 742, 748, 748F and 744F