Aircraft Registrations - true to life

Hi, any reason why some aircraft reg’s are true to life , and some are fake ?

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Mainly it’s because of lack of aircraft registration flying to or from airports in game. The fake ones are mainly added as “fluff” to help make the game more lively, should I say. That’s as much as I know since I’m not on dev team.

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I dont know if there is any specific reason. Though, as you might notice with some aircraft-livery combos the devs occasionally take some creative liberty when designing the game :slight_smile:

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Some airlines and connections are fake, some registrations are fake as well. We will not necessary focus on real registrations and being “like real life” as this takes time that can be utilized for something more valuable.

Also dash between numbers like “SP-LRA” is not there as database need to have a change that aint that easy at the very moment.

But it may be “correct” at some point :slight_smile: