Airplane questions

When I go in to the hangar and go in the fleet tab I can see that I have two AT76 and one AT46. I can also see that one belongs to INN and the other two to BRI.

When I then go into the models list, i have a SAAB340 but the AT46 will cost me one golden plane to unlock or 100 silver planes.

So some planes you get for your airport as a reward? But if I want to buy the plane for a specific airport I need to first unlock it in the models tab in the hangar?

Also where is best to spend golden planes and silver planes?


Yes, you do get some freebies as part of completing levels
Otherwise you have to purchase. Completing certain challenges will unlock a few planes but the rest have to be unlocked by gold or silver planes

Once you unlock a plane you can buy them at any airport for W you don’t have to unlock them for each airport.

As for the planes themselves. Snow White livery is free and you can unlock standard liveries for certain amounts of gold or silver planes (never W)

If you then want to change colors, the devs give you certain colors for free or you can purchase specific colors if you have a hex code for it and that’s 1GP a color. Hex codes can be found everywhere and you can tailor your colors to your specific needs within the confines of the liveries provided by the devs.

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Don’t spend gold or silver planes to unlock the AT76, CRJ700, BAe146 or E190, because you will get those for free once you handle enough of them!

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Perfect, thanks for answers. I have unfortunately encountered the bug were I have unlocked the AT76 and 46. But in the hangar it says I need to spend two GP to unlock. Same If I go the next airport, it says they are looked. @carlsberg72 what to do?

Send an email to the devs at

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Thank you soo much :blush::+1:.