Airplane unlock achievement

I just want to know what is certain type of airplane unlock achievement will do, because I don’t see any changes in the game.

I thought it will unlock the type of airplane so I don’t need any gold plane to buy it.

As I post in the bug thread and they said it’s not a bug, please let me know what should it do to the game.

Then why did I get them unlocked free for all airports and not them?

Then I got it wrong.

Tried to buy the CRJ700 in Washington and EC190 in PRG via shop menu in each airport and still no luck for me.

No, it is a bug because since the achievement is “E190/CRJ700 UNLOCK” those should be unlocked without unlocking them yourself with gold planes.

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But I already posted it in the bug thread and they close the thread and say it’s not a bug. Do I have to give some code or some technical things to post in the bug thread?

I had the same problem once. I private msg the Facebook site and the devs fixed it for me. Cheers.

Not true. I closed the thread as it needs to be handle in the correct thread not an old one. I did not say it was not a bug when I closed it and yes. I closed it

I have actually sent it on to the devs to review

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