AirportPRG is not opening

When I download it, it just loads and you only hear the song over the main view. It shows loading and that’s it

Hello, I hope this helps you.

  • Update your system (Android, iOS or any other). The game is sensitive to the outdated operating system and is not compatible with older versions (it all depends on which version of the game you have, the latest is 1.4.3)
  • Turn off the low power mode (battery), because the game is large and sufficiently “chokes” the battery, heats up the phone and this significantly affects the performance, and even just starting the game.
  • Restart the device, because sometimes the game just can’t start, but it doesn’t always have to be a problem with your device.
    Here! This I applied and it helped me, so do these two things above, then restart the device (just in case) :blush:

I think Vesi is talking about the first game these developers have put out, AirportPRG (as seen in the title).

But this would be good tips for people struggling to open up WoA.

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Sorry about that. Vesi can try same things, but I never play that game, so… This is best I can suggest.

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Yes, it’s this one. My Android is 3.1 and is A71, relatively new. No idea why this happened.

Is the game working now?

No, its the same. Not sure why. Its still loading. I love the song though. I tried to find it online and could not. I can try and download the game on the iphone. it is 11, hope it works.

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Did you contact them?