Android to iOS profile

Hey everybody,
a few days ago, I lost my android phone and bought an iPhone… Is there any possibility to transfer account? I had a big progress and a lot of money invested…

Thanks for that.

Not for now but it can be possible in future…

If you use the same log in name and password. It should automatically download all your old data etc

Same here, I moved from Android to iOS and use the same email used in my Google Play Games account for my Apple ID but it won’t restore all the progress I have.

Nope you can’t switch. The data is held by either Google play or Apple and can’t be flipped from one to the other. I know the devs have mentioned trying to fix this, but hasn’t been a priority

Just checking in… I’d love to switch on an adhoc basis between iPad and Android phone - is there any way to do this yet?

It’s currently not possible.

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I asked the devs earlier, not possible for now.
May be available in an update in the future :smiley: