Any advice?

I got ₩41K from an op strategy at IAD, but I don’t know what to spending on. Any ideas?

How I did it:

If you have enough gates, open destinations etc. I recommend to save up for your first own plane.

I have a bae unlocked so maybe that?

Or a b757 if I do it again

I always start with a Bae as my first plane. It is small so quick turnaround time. Then I grow that S fleet to 3 of them. Start saving up for M’s. Then repeat that for L’s.

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Ok thanks

I have 2 now of the bae so how many more should I get?

That depends on how you want to play. See my post above how I do it. There is no “right” way to it.

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I just bought a plane and its stuck in NOW mode and i have enough M pads at INNS. Destinations are available but not open. Its in the que for arrival. I could not get it painted paying 10K. for a Freight/Cargo plane ---- :disappointed:

Any suggestions [HELP] ?



Are you sure your cargo stand is built up to M?

It says i must pay $10-15K (M) stand for tbe Cargo stand @INNS. Not enough W$ but fixed the $ issue on how to make more W$. Refined Services as its affordable during play mode. Receiving mostly M Civil planes in que now.