Any suggestion on best way to track fleet departures

Any suggestions or sheets for the best way to track the departure of your planes to your connection partner and/or the arrivals of your connection partners planes to your airport?

I use a pen and paper, but wondering if anyone has a sheet that they use to make it faster and easily accessible across platforms

Although it needs some updating, Andy (@carlsberg72) has created a table for connections last year. It might help you with your connection. (given that it isn’t anything to or from LEJ).

I use / refer to that when needed.
I find it faster to just do the mental math and have a widget of the timezone I am sending my fleet to so that isn’t much of a hassle.

But my question is a bit different. Say for the 24hrs in your day, does anyone have a method or a sheet or any other form of maintaining which connection partner from which airports need to be sent planes during a specific time during their playing hours?