Anyone in need of the Concord achievement?

If so, I can send those to your PRG from my IAD. After you got one, we remove the connection and let the next person have a go.

You can answer directly to me in a message. My ingame name is Kullenarisk.

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What achievement is this?

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It’s a Google (and probably Apple as well) achievement. You know you got one foe every type of plane you handled. This one is just a bit harder for most people, since they have to be lucky enough to have one of ours randomly land at their airports.

And since you @Loominati were my 100 player streak from the good old days when we had to do at least a catch every 24 hours or it reset to 0, you are definitely worthy of receiving this one!


@JensK Im willing to have a Connection as well. Lets get this started?

I can’t find your profile. Please add “Kullenarisk”, which is me.


Ah ok, your game name is something like “player356896422479” :grin:, I just send over the first one, I send a handful for you.

Okay thanks.

Since you got it now I closed the connection so I could send it to next person in queue.

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hello i am interested if you don’t mind my username is viktormadelaine56

I terminated the connection again since I saw you got a few, and so I can let the next person have a go. Take care!

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Hello, I red that you can me send to my PRG concord. Can I ask for it? My nick in game is screwface8. Thank you.

Hello, it says that you already have a connection. When you are ready, add Kullenarisk.

I’m interested too…

I’m available again. Just ok the connection, and I’ll send some over.

Got it… thanks

Let me know when you send them, I haven’t seen them yet. Thanks.

@JensK so I handled both the concordes, but they are still locked. Is there something else I need to do?

That’s it. It’s a Google play achievement, and you should have been notified. You can always double check there. It could naturally also been that you handled one previously, without thinking of it. One handled Concorde is enough.

Ok. Thanks.