Are player planes remove

Each airport, even when I have high level I don’t receive player planes, is it removed.

You need to find a connection with another player. That should solve the issue.


Yeah, I think random arrivals may have been removed after lots of complaining from the WOA community that there was so many player planes in INN and LEJ, it started to get annoying as they were forced to accept the arrivals one way or another (Manually assigning to a stand or automatically getting assigned to a stand), even if they didn’t want to. Before they had this ‘new’ arrivals system, we weren’t forced to accept incoming player planes (random and connection partners) and if we let the timer run down, the plane will disappear and go to another user.

Thank You, for explaining

Player planes are going to be back.

Yes but not random ones I heard.

If I am right you will be able to turn on an option to allow random players planes arrivals.

Then I hope you are right