Arrival speed up

Firstly, may I say I like the changes I saw implemented yesterday, in particular that the turnaround timer does not begin until the aircraft is actually landing.

However I do not like that fact that we’re not able to turn the speed up of arrivals on and off as needed, instead we can now only have 3 minutes and then wait another 3 minutes before re-enabling. However, that said, I find that by the time I enable to speed up, I still have 2 or 3 aircraft waiting to land from the previous speed up so it doesn’t really affect the game play.

May I ask when the next airport after PRG will be available? Just I am now approaching the 250k pax to progress but will have no airport to progress onto yet.

About airport: True answer will always be “it will come when it is ready”.

Garrage Inc. developement team have to finish 3D model / anti collision system / airport handling logic / test it so players are not raging that something doesnt work. Its a huge airport with 2 active runways so complexity is bigger than PRG - thats for sure.

No ETA at the very moment - will be announced when time comes.