Aviation Halloween story

:warning:Warning: Do not read this alone. Read it with someone without. It is a made up story. I am doing it now as Tomorrow instead as I am heading away to Barcelona.

In the Early 1960s there was a man named Oliver Slimburg that was employed at Skylines Aviation Group in Dublin. His job is to dispatch aircraft to destination mainly to Europe and North America on behalf of outer airlines and return back to Ireland for the Irish economy development. However this was the 1960s Skylines Aviation Group was pretty Small at that time comparable to other. What Oliver did is sent aircraft to other airlines around the area like Aer Lingus and BOAC. But he also like to see aircraft Broken up. He wanted more.
It first started in 1967 in Dublin regarding the Vertical Stablister he tore it from a lovely DC8 owned by Skylines Aviation Group that was parked since it last flight from New York instead for scraping or selling the item, he eat it with extreme heat which fuses him forever. After a while he started walking around like a robot. As he became less man and more robot he keep taking part from aircraft and eating them to further develop his own body and to become an evil Aircraft Scraping machine.
In 1975 As bigger aircraft came to Skylines Aviation Group he noticed that Aircraft parts where harder to reach as a result in the same year he ran to the runway at Dublin airport while a Skylines DC10 was heading to Gran Canaria. He was hit by engine 3 (the right engine and causing it to land back. But the pilots saw that there was debris on the runway and that the 3rd engine was fine. So they cleaned the Debris from the runway and continued on to Gran Canaria. Fast forward to 2020 as the Current CEO of Skylines Aviation Group @Ecoaviation was looking at the runway where the DC10 tookoff 45 years ago he saw the head of that what I called Scrap man in long grass near the runway I decided to take it home. He is waiting for Scrapped Aircraft parts if given the resources he need the Results would be… A disaster…

:ghost:Happy Halloween and stay safe.