B787 Rework

Finally, one of the most awaited aircraft, the B787, will be reworked.
Three derivatives (-8, -9, and -10) will be created from the current form.



Can’t wait! 787s are awesome! Hopefully 757 next :crossed_fingers:

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I think it;s already been reworked with the Cargo variant, they just have to add the winglets and give it liveries…

Just the cargo variant, passenger was planned around the release of LEJ I believe but it never got released

No? Obviously A320 before 757.

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Each to their own :slight_smile:

Although that is most likely to be the case come to think of it, A320 is still using its original model from when the game first got released

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Good to see this.

Will the long waited A321 and A321neo arrive soon…? That is one of the highest among the feedback panel.

The B777F and 747F also need to be updated as the pax versions just got updated.

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Yea I think the next in queue should be the A320 family.

As known currently, the A320 family and the 787 (and possibly the A220) will likely arrive in the same update, which will be 2.1

(Don’t take this for certain, just what’s on the discord)


Let’s hope there won’t be any 2.0…., just let it directly be 2.1 for the next update (soonish). I hope 2.1 will arrive next week (lol I know this is impossible). Can’t wait for 787s n 320s :laughing:

Family? Like all 5 A318, A320,A320Neo, A321-200 and A321neo?

Hey theres the A319 too…Which by the way is already updated

That’s why I didn’t mention it😒

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Idk for certain, all I know is that A320 family update is happening, no details

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Wish the would add air austral, kenya airways, royal brunei, uzbekistan airways and air europa 787

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Could be the case, I think with the 777 update, they added liveries that weren’t originally available

Yes they did add many liveries to the 777.