Because today. There is no event at WOA

Today I went to WOA and saw that there was no event, does anyone know why?
Day 20/05.

There were events for 20th may, as far as I know (but I’m currently on night shift and forget days and times)

in my time zone it is already the 21st and I am missing events. I’m sure it’s an oversight and they will be added later.

The events (according to the devs) run semi-automatically and can be customised with e.g. anniversaries if necessary.

Maybe the system also had a bug and it was not a “human error”

Yesterday, there was a bug making multiple dhc events appear on the wrong continents. Today there are no events, my guess is these are correlated and they are fixing that bug or something

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Yeah same here there ain’t any events

They should be there now

At IAD there was an event; Silver air AT46 from MIA. I believe there were others as well.

A dhc6 flying from canada to germany :joy: