Between airport connections

Sorry, may I ask something about airport connection achievement.
It says “handle enough airplane in connection between (airport) and (airport) to get a golden airplane”.

I’ve handled many airplane between airports, but it’s still 0/100 in achievement.

Why it can be like that?
or something different that must I do?


Hey MLY,
In order for you to complete this achievement, you need two prerequisites.

  1. You need a fleet(or just one) of your own planes.
  2. You need to find a connection partner.

If you don’t know how to get a connection partner:

You need to enter a connection partner’s nickname in the box that I have pointed to with the orange arrow.
If you don’t have any connection partners, I suggest you go to the Connections request tab and see if any other players are also looking to complete the same achievement as you.

Hope this explanation helps.

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One small correction.
You don’t need own planes. You can handle 100 planes from Your conn partner to achieve.

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