Bit of fun…

Ok wtf is this
Something is going on here beyond our understanding

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Well that’s an interesting situation (maybe we need the full G-xxxx regs). :thinking:

It’s because there are only a small number of available call signs. 17,576 available, there’s bound to be more planes than that ingame, so the game doesn’t look at other players call signs, but simply rolls a random one. This, any individual player plane has 1 in 17,576 chance of having that call sign.

Although a lot of registration are good but Amy the 757 likes to keeps it’s fresh paint

Love the Aer Lingus 2.0 coming to land at PRG soon.

I’m going crazy…


Almost lucky just swap the B with an E


So I looked through some popular Jet photos from the 2000s and I found this from LHR and I actually laughed very very hard because of one of its pilots :rofl:


I have taken a few aircraft screen shots about some of it and I have some registration that I have over 2023 and 2024 beware 4 aircraft was Pre 2.0 which was removed unfortunately and also have to bring back that pushback truck meme I have in October which was just hilarious :laughing::joy::rofl:

Is it Peter Pan?

I like to Nash after aircraft

There is no denying he his a man (just need a tie👔)

Copycat from TC-FHK

(This one was taken 2 weeks ago) I don’t want to do my Classroom Based assessment

And a new method for pushback for low cost airlines tug will tow the aircraft to the runway now airline will save millions amounts of fuel :fuelpump:

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