BLR 🇮🇳 airport for nxt playable

Third busiest Airport in India , dual runway ops , will be the perfect nxt playable airport close to Muscat airport . Delhi :india: is a good choice but I don’t think the devs will add Delhi coz three runways alot of coding

I doubt this will happen, I think the goal is to get all the continents covered first. I suspect Oceania and South America will get the next two.


I don’t think it will be added that soon but it will be. There are continents with no airports. First the airport in that continent will be added then. Indian airports are also close to upcoming MCT and released NGO so it wouldn’t be added for now.

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If everything happens as they say the next one should be here in South America, they asked me about the most important ones and in my view the order is



Colombia International El Dorado

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Prg has 3 runways doesn’t it, plus they will only use one two for takeoff and landing

PRG has 1 runway for now but the 2035 version has 2.

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