BRI - Bug Reports (for airport infrastructure and handling)


They do not, only the passenger ones do

Thank you.

Achievement for B462 planes isn’t working. I’ve landed and successfully handled almost a dozen B462 planes but the achievement tally is still 0/75.

Seems like a bug but I’m happy if anyone can tell me why it’s not working

You may have checked this already but have you been handling B462Fs instead of the pax ones?

Thanks! I didn’t see those planes, just the Fs. You made my day.

No probs :slight_smile:

During the marchelling minigame the ground doesn’t match the ground of the apron at the cargo stands.


That’s present at all airports, the stand lines represent the size plane that is parking and not what is actually there and sometimes this too

I think @randomegyptian is talking about the ground textures.


  1. Planes sent to connecting player’s airport won’t show up in the departure panel (see pics attached). Had to exit to the main menu and reenter the airport for my plane information to show in the departure panel.

  1. Sometimes my connecting player’s aircraft would wait in the arrival queue forever but not landing. Again, had to exit to the main menu and reenter the airport for my connecting player’s plane to land. Otherwise, it’ll stuck in the queue forever.

  2. After sending my own planes to my connecting player’s airport, the airport and player streak won’t update the count. Once again, sigh, I had to exit to the main menu and reenter the airport for the count to refresh.

Floating passengers!

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Hello WoA Devs Team! So when I am playing World of Airports and the Bedtime mode turns on (automatically at 22:00 / 10:00 pm) the area that I have marked becomes black or transparent. Well you can’t really see it on the screenshots, but I couldn’t really take a screenshot when the “bug” appeared. So those are the best screenshots that I took. By the way I don’t really think that this kind of issue or well, “bug” appears in other games or apps. And I am also not sure, if it’s a bug or not but I presume it’s a bug.

My device: Samsung Galaxy S9 Duos
OS: Android 10 (Q)

Can somebody please respond to my bug report?
Hello @carlsberg72 @moderators

The mods don’t typically say anything
Don’t ping them please

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Oh, well thanks for letting me know.

And by the way. Do you know, if it will be fixed?

Probably yes, I have no clue it’s up to the devs

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Managed to get this camera angle after clicking to watch a special arrival, after already viewing another aircraft taking off

(It is almost a higher up apron view)

For some reason my B777 went into the L stand from the other direction, it works normally, just a small visual bug