BRI traffic jam while perfect path is available

At BRI I had this strange bug, where the planes wouldn’t taxi to the gate while there was plenty of room, causing a traffic jam around the appron. I understand for non colliding images the taxiing is halted, but this is a bit rediculous to be honest. Is this intended?

It is not a bug its game mechanics. look how airplanes move around and you will see pattern there (zones of movements).


Yeah I understand tge path taking, however my thought was, with relations to the top pic, the Transavia plane can easily reach their gate without any trouble, however they are now waiting for the plane which is like 50 meters infront of them to start moving, so they can turn right to the first gate. This gate is currently reachable aswell without comming close to the Ryanair plane. It seems like a small bug, however when studying the other pathing of the planes, in all airports this happens indeed in most of them.
Just was curious if this is intended or that it was maybe like a small glitch/bug you guys now of and arr trying to solve.
However if these are design choices I can understand it completely :slight_smile:

Yes its a tedious process to change pathfinding (as in INN with simple one taxiway and stands along it took enormous amount of time to make it right).

Sometimes in the future it will be adressed as it was already mentioned here somewhere.

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Ahh okay cool, thank you for your information. This topic can be closed then (:

No worries i will do some sort of deep cleaning soon (its starts to be a bit messy here indeed with number of threads).

Traffic jammed when planes leave stands. Bari airport.
I let go the L-class plane which is taxiing below stand first. L-class Plane on stand went straight after. All plane stopped at this position even those 2 S-class planes.

Same with me, made a post about it