Bugs for 1.5.0 (LEJ release)

Post in this thread for bugs created after 1.5.0 official release

Will be open for 2 weeks post release

The number of silver planes awarded in levels doesn’t show up. It’s just showing 0.

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Yep I’ve sent that one in already :slight_smile:

Can’t deactivate lej arrivals

Which airport is the arrival airport?


Another quick thing I’ve noticed, player aircraft you purchase at LEJ are having 0- registrations instead of D- registrations.

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Sprint air atr doesn’t have any arrivals according to the woapedia

Another odd one but the regular lot livery for the e170 doesn’t have an arrival, it’s all retro?
Hope these arrivals get fixed I want to see these planes

A build onto this, the registrations are also to short at LEJ, as there is only 3 letters following the ‘-‘ instead of the 4 which is seen on German registered aircraft. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional.

It also seems a lot of routes are missing airlines and aircraft. LEJ has nothing going to a lot of airports, IAD and FNC are a couple of examples. I’ve also noticed (please correct me if I’m wrong) the only PAX L arrival is a lone Lufthansa A330-300 from NGO, should there be more than just 1?


we got a traffic jam here


Front stairs on X aircraft don’t reach the door, and the L2 door opens as well. No passengers or buses will go to the front steps either.

Yep. I’ve let them know about that one too. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for feedback. It is UI issue. When you reach level you will get them

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thanks will be fixed

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Thank you. Definitely need to purchase higher stairs


The destionation slots are still blocked After i sent one of my own airplanes to an airport. You cant reuse them, i Need to restart the Game to fix it