Buying Bigger aircraft

What is the secret to earning enough money to purchase a bigger a/c ( 787/350 etc ), obv a chicken and egg scenario, own the plane, earn morn money ?

but to earn that amount of money to buy a bigger plane will take ages ?

I would say there is many ways, it’s be patient. It’s having the stands and equipment ready at max to push planes view, and stay with basic a/c to save gold planes, Until you can spare gold planes, first buy 737 or 320 around 5 to 10 has they can help build cash

thanks , say at PRG for an ATR it is 22k, what can i earn back on flights from this ? is it worth spending 22k on it ?

atr’s don’t have a good return the bae has a good return for small plane and 737 has best return for medium

thanks mate, i will save up then for a 737.


No worries the other one is stick to just one small, medium large and x large A/C type at start just to keep gold coin use down unless you are buying gold planes. There is information on here about best ones to have, and only open up airports to send to until you need them,otherwise you are using up money you could use to buy a/c

yeah, been reading a lot, loads to go on with in the meantime, game is top drawer.

I found that servicing X planes at IAD was the quickest way to make W without owning planes. So My advice would be as follows:

  • Advance through INN, BRI & PRG without purchasing planes. Keep any planes you earn (don’t sell them)
  • Only unlock X gates at IAD (maybe buy Z8 for M planes like Haugland)
  • Earn W to unlock and purchase planes at IAD.

And where is the fun then for just playing? Building the fleets at the various airports, figuring out how to share the destinations between S and M planes, optimizing for player connections, just to name a few things that kept me busy.


Agreed! I always buy S and M before the big stuff and still stick around to buy fleets in BRI and PRG. INN is an exception. I tried but that airport is the worst :joy:

I really like INN. It’s great fun for a single batch of aircraft, for like a 7-10 minute play time. I land planes at all (or most) of the stands, service them all and hit send … then exit the airport.

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I did that for a while, and yes it is very convenient. Just got bored after a while

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I like INN as a way to get gold planes. I have 6 med and 2 small in my fleet. when I get W44k I buy another small and sell off the oldest small for 2 gold planes.

Time and time again I see this. This game is NOT all about just making money and flying through the airports. While you can do it that way, it misses the entire point of the game. Which is to build your airports, work with others on connections and manage your fleet in the best way possible. Sure you can just buy X and L if you really want to and some do, but I am seeing this, mad max max and race through stuff all too often. It saddens me a little actually. May not be a popular opinion with some, but I play these games to enjoy, learn and relax


I can understand your opinion but I think it is just a priorisation thing. For me actually I prefer to handle my own bigger planes and take care of my connections than handling the same generic planes all the time. I am happy that I have earned enough to not build up the airports slowly anymore and that I can unlock new airports fast. :wink: when I remember my first weeks playing INN and BRI for ages until everything was unlocked, for me that was no big fun.

But the best thing on this game is that everyone can build up the airports/fleets however he/she wants.

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While i do completly agree with what you said, id like to add that i think everybody has their own vision for what the game is about exactly. Who know maybe min-maxing and flying through the game is fun for some people :slight_smile:

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