C130 size

Why is C130 categorized as a L-plane? The wingspan is close to B738, MOTW is on half of B738…

I have lots of empty M-plane stands at NGO, so C130 as a M-plane will be pretty. Thanks for answer.


I see no advantage in enabling the C130, despite being an L plane, its profit is even less than an M cargo.

I said the same thing.

They are really M planes and they don’t make much money.

I just like to see them…

If I look on army cargo planes, I will catecorized them like that:
S-plane CASA C295
M-plane C130
L-plane C17, A400M
X-plane C5 Galaxy, An124 Ruslan

CASA C-295 is also M

M-Freighter C-27, C-160R, C130J
L-Freighter IL-76, AN-12, AN-22
X-Freighter AN-124, AN-225

C-295 is pretty similar to ATR42/ATR72, so I think that C295 is more likely S-plane

The only advantage is to see it on your airport :grin: