Can someone explain

… the two things in the screenshot below?

  1. The yellow bands at both ends? I know that it indicates a plane which needs action, but there aren’t any in this case.

  2. The “anonymous” Concorde?


I’ve had an aircraft without a players name before, I believe that’s related to the player not creating an account but don’t quote me on that. Do you have mini games enabled? That might cause the yellow strips to be present.

Re Concorde, thanks. Wasn’t thinking about that.

Re yellow bands, no mini games enabled.

Hmm that’s odd. I know it happens with mini games. Not to sure, my apologies.

Apologies not necessary. It doesn’t interfere with gameplay.

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The Yellow bands at the edge of the screen indicate there are more aircraft tabs off to the side that require handling, you need scroll/drag the visible tabs to access the ones you can’t see.

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I know that, but there no planes that need any action. That is what suprises me. None of the airplane panels left or right in the scrollbar are yellow…