Can’t summon plane

I just started my Prague airport. I have five places to land planes but it’s only allowing me two at a time before it tells me there’s no planes available. The second a plane taxis to run way to take off- one appears. Why is it not doing this on my other two thriving airports? Am I missing something?

I also have two queue slots so I know it’s not just because I have one single slot. Any ideas?

For example. This is Innsbruck. I have1 more med slots to buy- meaning it’s 99 percent full- and I’m only getting four planes at a time.

You need to buy more arrival slots on other routes. Check other posts in the bugs category where this was explained in more detail

Probably a connection to a wealthy partner might help sending you tons of planes. But it’s just a guess.
@Ivan0921 is a good partner for this. I could pause my connection to him to help you out. The only problem could be the different time zones for a short range connection.

I have multiple very wealthy connections. I’m just kinda choked. I worked so hard buying all these places for airplanes to land and building up my tiny airports- and then they did this. They didn’t tell us so us with smaller airports are basically Euchred. It’s makes it ten times harder for us to get where we need to. So basically for the last two weeks I’ve been working for nothing it seems.

That’s the point. You’ll need months to get back to the situation you’ve had before … unless you spend real money … and most ppl know better things to buy than some pixels in your phone :slightly_smiling_face: