Can't open Washington

I honestly dont know what happened in here.

I cant open up anything

Cant open the menu of my fleet,when there’s only useless interface in there

My id: ardensiregar

Restart the game

Already restart,delete cache,reinstall the game and the problem resists.
Suddenly washington become unplayable:(

And this b777 got stuck

Screenshot_20200401-031146_World of Airports|690x318

i think i had the same problem at Bari and devs solved it by restarting it remotely for me

Have you tried clearing the airport progress? Or you could just go back to PRG after discovering how horrible IAD is…

What do u mean by clearing the airport progress?

@shill help me pls

@jdrobajs help pls

Really? @shill @jdrobajs

I can do nothing with that. When any developer is free to check and fix it will be fixed.

EDIT: they say its fixed now in database.

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Thanks a lot,it’s fixed now

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@jdrobajs it’s happened again,now it’s in bari

The account is ardensiregar