Cargo fleet

Hello to all
What type of plaine I can use to make a cargo fleet ?
Tnx to all replayers

Depends on the airport.
INN = M/S cargos
BRI = M/S cargos
PRG = X/L/M/S cargos
IAD = X/L/M/S cargos
NGO = X/L/M/S cargos
SAN = X/L/M/S cargos
Planes are X: B47F, L: B77F + C17, M: B378F + C30J,
S: B462F (Bae146 Cargo)

I do suggest getting the B462F or the 378F first. Also, I do suggest keeping your cargo fleet that has a civilian counterpart, as in don’t buy the C17 or the C30 cargo planes.



But don’t forget that you need passengers to unlock the next airport.

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XL: B748F, AN-225
L: B777F, C17, (A332F soon)
M: C130J, B734F and B738F
S: AT43F, B462F

Are there truly cargo spots at PRG?

Yes there are six of them. 2x L/XL and 4x M/S

Thanks. Can you please tell me which terminal they are in. Far left? Far right? Thanks.

Far left next to the RWY where planes depart.

Far right in tower veiw, next to the runway