Chance of Player Suggestions getting accepted

Is there any chance when a Plane, Airport, Feature etc getting accepted?

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If it fits general idea for the game by devs yes. I think 80% of new features are feedback from players.

It is closed for now because there is simply to many items (and many people have faulty imaginations that couple of days after sending feedback it will be implemented or at least landing on “to do” list.

Airport coding / testing for example is at least 2-3 months.


Just assuming Every month there is an update.

  • devs do 2 Times sprint of 2 weeks or devs do 1 sprint of 4 weeks.
  • devs do this project in freetime?
  • i dont know how many feature/issues and bugs they do in a sprint.
  • i see a feature that thakes 6 months when its in progress (apron accept different formats)

I expect they have much more to do than your expected 2-3months work