Change in priority of landing own aircraft?

I have the feeling that since the update the priority of landing my own aircraft has changed. While there are some S- & M-aircraft have landed already twice or three times some of my L- & XL-aircraft are still in holding and haven’t seen my airport in the last 24 hours.

Before the update I had the feeling that the size of your subfleet was kind of sorting which aircraft came in first. E.g. my 90 A380s were prioritized than my 40 A320s. Then I’ve bought some 50 A320s to equal this subfleet and it got equalized. Now those A320s and even 36 ATR72 are coming in really often while I have to wait a lot for the A380s (although they are in the arriving list for the airport)

It’s no big deal nor bothering I just want to know if somebody else has the same experience or if devs can confirm it.


Similar story here. The order of aircraft coming in gas changed. My 787 would usually come in first, followed by my A320s and then finally BAEs. Now its all random for me