Changes to Connections requests

Given that LHR is coming and that’s going to spawn a huge number of new threads. I’m actually going to go the opposite way and collapse this to 1 thread per airport because right now it’s too complicated to have every single option.
In the next week or so I’m going to start closing out the existing threads and will create new ones for the individual airports. It will also change the rules slightly to do so. If there are any outstanding requests please accept them or close them out as soon as possible.
Hopefully this will also see increased activity due to the more simple access.


When you mean 1 thread per airport, is this one thread per destination? For example, if I want to send planes from INN, BRI, PRG, and IAD to LHR, they will all go into the same thread?

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Not quite decided which way I’m going yet, whether it’s departure airport or arrival.

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I have been in LHR in real life. I have flight by Airbus380 from Johanensburg.