Hey hey… Wondering if the Concorde is coming available for all users or was that an error announcement. Love the game! Keep up the good work. Thanks!!

Welcome, the announcement wasnt an error. Concordes will show up for you handle when playing IAD if you have unlocked it. The option of buying your own Concorde is not and unfortunately never will be implemented. Only original backers of the crowdfunding of the game have it unlocked as a special perk.

Edit: also, we (the community on here) think its a special event regarding the IRL launch of flights from like 50 years ago. We dont know how long it will last, probs a few days, if it hasnt already ended

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Ok Thanks. I don’t wanna buy them just want to see them come to the airport. I have IAD and have yet to see any land. I have plenty of Large and Heavy traffic so I didnt know if I was missing something. Thanks again