Connected player planes disappearing

Apologies if this has been asked before but I’m trying to understand if I’m doing anything wrong.

A couple of times I’ve queued a number of planes from my connected players to land. Then if the game freezes and restarts, the connected player planes either have next to no time left on their timer (pre landing) or disappear all together. I am aware that there will be stricter time limits on player a/c but surely if it is the fault of the game that it resets, the timer on those player a/c should remain full and I shouldn’t miss out on handling a connected players a/c?

Yeah this is normal, the timer starts as soon as they are cleared but the visual timer starts when they begin landing and taxi, so if you exit the airport for an extended period of time or exit and renter after clearing some to lnd they may be gone

The thing is game crashes should not cause player connections to disappear due to a large amount of crashes within game

That’s kind of the point I was trying to raise. I don’t think we should be penalised by not getting the chance to handle the player connection planes due to the game crashing

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