Connection Error - Android

Hi, not sure if this has been solved, if so please link me to the thread.

One morning my device - Samsung Galaxy S10 on Android 10 OS. My internet connection is fine on both Wifi and Data. Any help would be appreciated

I will try that. How do you update the services afterwards? Assuming that its not an official app it wont be found on the play store?

Google-Play-Services is a system/standard app on android devices. Updates will be accessible at playstore.

i tried it but i dont see it. Either it can’t update or it didnt reset to factory

The app I mean is google-play-dienste (German name) on the screenshot you see the app-symbol, should be the same on your device. Maybe after uninstalling updates restart your device before running the updates,.

Unfortunately I do that and it doesn’t change anything. Not sure if it updates automatically or if you have to do it yourself though

Another app you can try to reset is google-play-games:

Nope. Tried it on my work phone aswell which is a Galaxy A5 and it also doesn’t work which is strange

Sorry to hear that. Now I’m out off further suggestions. Hope you find a solution soon.

Thanks for you help. Still unfortunately no help from developers