Connection planes

So when one of my connections sends me a plane I land it and it taxis to the gate. When it parks the timer will have already been going and it will fail becuase I cant load it in time.

It’s meant to have a decreasing timer once you allow it to land. It’s normally 44 minutes of a timer and that’s better than all planes to service.

This is one of my partners and it hasn’t even gotten to the gate and it has 14 seconds :frowning:

Do you have the game open and running while it lands and taxis to stand? It’s important to note that with player planes, the timer still counts down even if you quit the game or lock your screen etc.

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@Frost the reason why it has such little time is because once you put it in queue for landing it automatically starts reducing time. Even if you exit the app it still counts down, it may also be because of such a backlog of landings. Hope this helps.

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This might be the main reason and it’s understandable. If you don’t handle the aircraft in time it would take ages for the sending player to get it back.