Connection requests in v2.0.+

After introduction of version 2.0 the whole old connections part of the game is completely different. Therefore I propose to make new topics for those looking for connections.

When accepting or sending a connection - you make yourself available for the same amount of planes at the airport you’ve sent a request from. For example is you send a 2 L-planes from IAD to MCT, you automatically say your are available to receive the same amount of planes. Just to be fair.

The connection request should look something like this:

  1. Player nickname.
  2. Airport you offer for connections.
  3. Planes preferred
  4. Time zone played
  5. Playing frequency
  6. Contract slot available.

As soon as you are no longer interested in new connections, plz edit your initial post removing the request.

I will start with myself:

  1. Virgilius0404
  2. MCT
  3. MLX-pass, X-cargo
  4. GMT+5 (Central American Time)
  5. Everyday player - 3-4 h/day
  6. 40+ slots available

Sorry, but no, we have had guidelines on how Connections work on here for a long time now and we are not planning on changing them as on the whole they work just fine.
Please review the guidelines and the existing threads and feel free to reach out to me if you are not clear on how it works.