Connections from PRG

I am open to new connections with people who are looking to get 100 connections between players and/or airport between INN/BRI and PRG.

I am currently linked to two players for INN and BRI but I will update once those connections are completed and become available.

I know how hard it is to link to other players who are active, especially for the the smaller airports.

Hi! Just curious if thats still open. I dont have a Fleet, but I can do something Im at PRG as well. I have All at Bari but only M at PRG currently

When I get home, I will double check what connections I have free. I know I have completed one with @CyOne23 but cant remember which airport (having a blonde moment)


Mines 0oayer954689308


I now have an open connection from my PRG to INN if anyone is interested.

I have already completed the player and airport connections so would be purely for your benefit. I have a range of small and medium size planes I can send.

I am still looking for an active connection from my PRG to INN and BRI, I have a fleet waiting and on stand-by to send out.
Hit me up (send an invite in game) if you feel you are up to the task, active daily and thus daily atleast 1, some days even more airplanes comming your way.

Both connections are open so if you want to get to 100 connections, just add me (: rubensoons is my ingame name

@Resource I have mine free at BRI. And I have an armada :slight_smile: CET timezone. In-game name is Kullenarisk

@JensK Accepted (: lets get this 100+ complete o7 I am btw in GMT +1 (Amsterdam, aka Dutch timel

Good morning, would you have someone to help me complete the connection between my INN-PRG
just add me I accept B4rrerita

You mean your prg airport and mine inn?

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I’m in PRG… looking to connect in INN or BRI

I’d love to connect via BRI to IAD. User name is me782547 and I’m eastern time in the US.

I need someone active to help me with my NGO-PRG


Requesting connections from my PRG to all destinations


I have all connections free leaving my prague to your bari
am a daily active player
just send me the request and it would be accepted within a day
Indian standard time

in evening
indian standard time