Connections...what am I missing?

Been playing the game a while but cannot figure out how to make connections. I own 3 737s at IAD (have never figured out how to earn enough golden planes to get anything bigger) but I’m never offered to send any of my departures to a connection…what am I missing?

  1. How to earn golden planes:
    The best way to earn golden planes fast is to play on IAD which gives you the most money, and buy ATRs and sell them for 1 gold plane. Do this over and over again until you have enough to buy your desired aircraft.

  2. Connections:
    To make connections at IAD, you have to own at least an L sized plane (No other player airports in north america yet). Go to the connections tab and click the randomize button (unless you have a friend who wants to have a connection, then enter their name with the other button), then once someone has accepted the connection, all you have to do is send a plane to the destination and it will automatically go to them.


Following on from what @Delta1049 said, you may also want to check out this link Looking for connections (LfC), post which connections you would like and see if there is anyone that wants to connect with you. There is also a discord server where I have found very active players to connect with, see this here:
Good luck! :slight_smile:

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