Consistent Time Frames

Could the devs make each day longer or at least more congruent with handling times and even flight times? Currently, it takes about 15 or so minutes for a day and night to elapse. An A380 takes at least 17 minutues for handling and can be in transit for over 30 hours round trip. I’m no aviation expert but I dont think it takes more than a day to handle an aircraft in real life. I could be wrong. I am certain, however, that a A380 cannot stay in the air for 20 days.

Maybe make each “game” day 2 hrs or 3 or 4 hrs. Or shorten the relative flight times to reflect “game” day speed.

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I feel like your best bet would be them making the day/night cycle last 24 minutes turning down the flight times and then once again nerfing the earnings from those flights. This game isn’t really meant to be accurate so I don’t think this will be implemented.


Or an ingame time would be nice

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